USS Tesla NCC-74053

SFC QUADRANT 2 – Scotland

Commissioned in February 2018 with a core membership in Edinburgh & the East and a satellite membership within Glasgow & the Lanarkshire area, the Tesla is the core of Scotland’s membership and currently the only active Scottish unit within SFCQ2. Led by a bold command crew,Teslas ranks are a welcoming group based around social interaction and hosting special events throughout the country.

Central Scotland

Lt Commander Fraser Stevenson

Starship Class:
Rhode Island

Ships Log

Meet the Tesla crew at Glenrothes Comic Con!

This coming weekend the crew of the USS Tesla will be in action at Glenrothes Comic Con. Ships captain Lt Fraser Stevenson will be on hand alongside several of his crew as part of the event. The Tesla crew will be on hand to talk about their plans as a unit, upcoming events and t...[Read More]

Shakedown Cruise: USS Tesla

Attention all hands! When SFC Quadrant 2 underwent a massive overhaul in recent years, a decision was made to pull back all members to two large units to help develop and grow stronger local connections and restart localised units when the time was right. After some developments ...[Read More]

For more information on Tesla or to find out how to join the crew, you can contact the captain directly.

With internal groups and activities, awards, unique items in our quartermasters store and more, all divisions of SFC strive to offer the very best experience to all members from being able to form new friendships and take part in local and nationwide activities. And unlike many other clubs, we don’t believe fandom comes at a premium and welcome all new members to join our collective without a membership fee.


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