USS Sovereign NCC-71717

SFC Quadrant 2 - North England, Ireland & Europe

Sovereign was originally designed to act as an internet unit covering any member without a local unit to call home. Pioneering the concept, Sovereign absorbed several retired active units and had it’s reach focused on Northern England, The English Midlands & Northern Ireland.

North England, Ireland & EU Catchment

Lt Commander Douglas Langstaff

Starship Class:
Sovereign Island

For more information on Sovereign or to find out how to join the crew, you can contact the captain directly.

With internal groups and activities, awards, unique items in our quartermasters store and more, all divisions of SFC strive to offer the very best experience to all members from being able to form new friendships and take part in local and nationwide activities. And unlike many other clubs, we don’t believe fandom comes at a premium and welcome all new members to join our collective without a membership fee.


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