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By joining SFC Quadrant 2, you’ll become part of one of the longest running fan clubs in the world and gain new connections and new friendships across the UK. Aside from joining the collective of Star Trek and sci fi fans, we offer all members….

Starfleet Academy; Begin Your Journey

Upon joining SFC you'll be invited to join Starfleet Academy; providing insight and knowledge on the world of Starfleet and SFC. The four-part welcome course offers you the chance to jump straight into membership activities right away!

Graduating the Academy not only offers your first promotional reward as part of SFC, but upon completion of the initial course you'll unlock further membership rewards including assignment to a localised unit or outpost and access to our exclusive Quartermasters stores!

Q2 Comms & Comms Relay

Our quarterly publication, exclusive to members of SFC Quadrant 2. Our Comms update features content from members, fleet news and updates as well as news and insights from all the worlds of Star Trek.

In addition Comms is filled with a look all around the world of sci fi, fantasy, games and comics reflecting our wider interests, including event reports and convention meetup details all around the UK!

Comms is supplemented by regular Comms Relays reports with exclusive news articles and content available only to logged in members on our site and opt-in weekly email roundups.

Starbase Europa & Social Groups

All members of SFC are granted access to SFC's 'Starbase Europa', our internal social hub stretching through all units and aspects of Quadrant 2. This includes access to our online members portal which includes downloads, comms forums and internal social groups.

Members are also granted use of our more active hubs on social media, primarily our Starbase Europa Facebook group. Further social hubs are available as you ascend through the membership ranks, with further groups unlocked after completion of the Academy.

Rank Up: Recognising your contributions

Just like the Starfleet you have seen in the Star Trek shows, we award rank on merit – so the member who sits back and allows SFC to run on around them is less likely to see promotion than one who joins in and takes part in events and activities. We recognise your involvement and commitment to SFC and will reward you for it – today’s Admirals and Unit Captains were once Cadets and Ensigns themselves!

However, the emphasis is on always on enjoying yourself – if you’re looking for some gold on your collar or braid on your sleeve, you’ve come to the wrong place! But if you’d like to make friends with people who share a common interest and maybe take part in the world’s foremost Fan-run Star Trek Club, then we’re looking for you!

....did we mention membership is free?

With internal groups and activities, awards, unique items in our quartermasters store and more, all divisions of SFC strive to offer the very best experience to all members from being able to form new friendships and take part in local and nationwide activities.

For decades SFC Quadrant 2 has taken pride in putting our connections between members first. The most important thing to all of us is bringing fans together. And unlike many other clubs, we don't believe fandom comes at a premium and welcome all new members to join our collective without a membership fee.

You can find out more about our long history on our information page and any questions can be sent direct to our Admiralty board through our contact form.

To become part of our nation-wide club, fill out the following form and enlist in Starfleet today!

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Please Note: Quadrant 2 is based in the UK & Europe. For anyone wishing to join SFC from the US or Canada, please visit Quadrant 1.

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