Who We Are


Starfleet Command (or SFC) is an international non-profit making group of Star Trek, Science Fiction and Space Enthusiasts and one of the largest Star Trek fan clubs in the world. Originally founded in the United States in 1974, the club is patterned after the Starfleet Command organisation as seen in the Star Trek television series and movies.

Starfleet Command operates through local units spread across the United States (Quadrant One), the United Kingdom and Europe (Quadrant Two) and Australia and Asia (Quadrant Three). Each Quadrant runs autonomously, with it’s own Admiralty Board and Support structure to assist and Each unit is run as a Starship, Starbase or Space Station with the appropriate departmental structures and crew assignments. Each unit is assigned a class of ship in relation to the size of membership, as the ship grows in size the class of ship will increase. Even if there is no Unit near you, you can still join our Internet Flagship, The U.S.S. Sovereign.

We may not be able to provide a deck under your feet or warp drive, but we do aim to encourage an environment where you can meet like-minded fans and make friends with the same interests as you.

The whole network is co-ordinated and supported by the Admiralty Board and Headquarters Staff. The members of the Admiralty Board are the most active of all and have the highest workload. Like everyone else in SFC they are enthusiastic volunteers who do this in their spare time, and so require the full support and backing of the Fleet.

Whether you’re a wily veterans or an enthusiastic newcomer, all members are treated equally with opportunities to advance within the clubs structure and take part in activities and meetups all over the UK.

And did we mention that membership is entirely free?

With over four decades of being consistently active in the UK, SFC Q2 celebrated an incredible 40 year landmark in 2014 – an unprecedented milestone for the only UK Trek fanclub with an unbroken history going back four decades!

Just like the Starfleet you have seen in the Star Trek shows, we award rank on merit – so the member who sits back and allows SFC to run on around them is less likely to see promotion than one who joins in and takes part in events and activities. We recognise your involvement and commitment to SFC and will reward you for it – today’s Admirals and Unit Captains were once Cadets and Ensigns themselves!

However, the emphasis is on always on enjoying yourself – if you’re looking for some gold on your collar, you’ve come to the wrong place! But if you’d like to make friends with people who share a common interest and maybe take part in the world’s foremost Fan-run Star Trek Club, then we’re looking for you!

Membership is absolutely free and once you have graduated from Starfleet Academy you will receive a full membership pack along with a pdf format Graduation Certificate and Duty Orders, personalised for you and sent straight to your e-mail.

To join the ranks of Starfleet Command, simply fill out the online membership form – Starfleet Administration endeavours to maintain a maximum 28 day turnaround on new memberships, so please be patient. However, if you have any questions relating to memberships, please contact the Admin Department using the link below.

On behalf of Admiral Mitchell and the Admiralty Board, We look forward to welcoming you aboard!