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Our internal club newsletter is SFC source of Trek news and club updates with news from all around SFC Quadrant 2 as well as special features, guest interviews and Star Trek & Sci Fi news.

Autumn 2017 Edition Available to Members now!
As a new adventure of Discovery begins we look at the latest news and info from Star Trek’s latest series, plus a peek at how the team began to re-imagine the history of our future.

With launch well underway, we round up the who’s who of Discovery’s main characters and it’s ships, as well as take a close look at the debut episodes The Vulcan Hello, Battle At the Binary Stars and Context is for Kings!

Plus we look back at the finest hours of the Next Generation; 35 Years of Wrath of Khan; the Five Best Klingons plus Fleet alert, Reporting for Duty, the latest from TV and movies, games, Treklit and much more!

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