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Michelle Yeoh to Lead New Star Trek Series

It’s been known for some time now that, following the success of Discovery and the impact it had on All Access subscriptions, executives at CBS had tasked the creative team to come up with some fresh ideas for more Star Trek content. One of those ideas hinted at as early as November has just been commissioned…. This morning CBS announced that Michelle Yeoh will carry over her Star Trek...[Read More]

Patrick Stewart To Return To Star Trek!

Over the course of Star Trek’s run in over fifty years, there are few remembered as fondly as Patrick Stewart’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard. For many of us, his time as captain of the Enterprise was our introduction into the world of Star Trek and in seven seasons and four feature films, he racked up the most hours of any captain in the Trek franchise to date. After a storm of rumours and ...[Read More]

Will You Take My Hand? Discovery’s Season One finale Available Now!

After a dramatic and exciting season, Discovery’s first season is finally coming to a close. The season finale, “Will You Take My Hand”, is available on Netflix in the UK and internationally now! With this series running on Netflix, allowing fans to watch at will, we’ll be ensuring we remain spoiler free across all our online outlets and invite all members to take part in o...[Read More]

Changes and new additions to Discovery Cast!

Announced and confirmed by, Discovery’s ranks continue to swell after Sonqua Martin-Green was officially confirmed as Lt Commander Burnham and the shock revelation that The OFfice’s Rainn Wilson would revive the role of Harry Mudd! Known for her role as the devious and deceitful Tory Foster in Battlestar Galactica, Rekha Sharma is giving up colonial life for Starfleet as s...[Read More]

Sonequa Martin Green named as First Officer Michael Burnham

Despite the news leaking late last year, CBS has finally officially confirmed Sonequa Martin-Green as the lead in Discovery! Martin-Green’s casting last year brought a close to a long and determined search to find the perfect lead for Discovery which has partially caused delays to the process of building the show. Bryan Fuller, who stepped down as showrunner last year after constructing much...[Read More]

More Casting News for Discovery!

After the news that Rainn Wilson would be appearing in Discovery as the legendary Harry Mudd, there’s more casting news to come. In a recent interview, Wendy Crewson announced that she’ll be taking up the role of an Admiral on Star Trek Discovery! “I’m gonna be the Starfleet Admiral, so that means I’m the real big boss!” With dozens of credits to her name includ...[Read More]

Rainn Wilson joins Star Trek Discovery as Harry Mudd!

Announced by this evening, emmy award nominee Rainn Wilson will join the show taking on the iconic role of Harcourt Fenton Mudd! Mudd was introduced in the original series as a charismatic con man. Mudd went on to star in further episodes of the original series as well as the animated series, quickly becoming one of the shows most loved characters thanks to the performance of Roger C....[Read More]

Jason Isaac’s takes Command of the USS Discovery!

Casting news for Discovery has been thick and fast in the past few months and today we were treated to another huge surprise as Jason Isaacs was announced by Deadline as one of Discovery’s major players! Known for his role as Harry Potter Lucius Malfoy, Jason Isaacs is a hugely experienced veteran to both the large and small screen including key roles in the recent Netflix show OA as well as...[Read More]

Three More Suit Up For Discovery!

In a surprise announcement CBS had released three more names for the cast of Discovery! Sam Vartholomeos has landed the role of Ensign Connor, a Junior Officer in Starfleet Academy assigned to the starship Shenzhou. His credits include The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and The Following. Maulik Pancholy is on board as Dr. Nambue, the Chief Medical Officer of the starship Shenzhou. Pancholy’s credits...[Read More]

First peek at Discovery!

In a surprising video post on twitter and, Discovery posted their first peek behind the scenes to give us a peek at their first week of filming! Production has begun on the next chapter. #StarTrekDiscovery is coming to CBS All Access. — Star Trek: Discovery (@startrekcbs) January 31, 2017 With filming starting earlier this month, it&...[Read More]

The Walking Dead Star Sonequa Martin-Green Joins Discovery!

According to a breaking report from EW, it seems that Star Trek Discovery has found it’s ‘Number One’ star. Known for her role as Sasha Williams on AMC’s The Walking Dead, Sonequa Martin-Green has reportedly been cast to take the lead role on the new Trek TV show set to debut in May next year. Martin-Green’s casting brings a close to a long and determined search to fi...[Read More]

The Klingons Are Coming! Three More Actors Confirmed for Discovery!

CBS has offered another surprise announcement after their recent cast reveal, bringing us three more actors for the new series, Star Trek Discovery. And this time, they’re not from the Starfleet world… Announced at, Chris Obi, Shazad Latif and Mary Chieffo have been named as the Klingon portion of Discovery. Playing the part of T’Kumva is Chris Obi. Known in the UK f...[Read More]

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