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SFC Q2 Comms Update: Winter 2016/17

Closing the year of SFC, we also see an era come to an end as SFC’s longest reigning Director of Operations Admiral Scott Arlow stands down in his final address and we welcome veteran member Admiral Mark Mitchell into his new role. In the wake of Discovery’s cast announcements we take a look at the new line up that will lead the next era of Star Trek, as well as behind the scenes shake...[Read More]

The Walking Dead Star Sonequa Martin-Green Joins Discovery!

According to a breaking report from EW, it seems that Star Trek Discovery has found it’s ‘Number One’ star. Known for her role as Sasha Williams on AMC’s The Walking Dead, Sonequa Martin-Green has reportedly been cast to take the lead role on the new Trek TV show set to debut in May next year. Martin-Green’s casting brings a close to a long and determined search to fi...[Read More]

The Klingons Are Coming! Three More Actors Confirmed for Discovery!

CBS has offered another surprise announcement after their recent cast reveal, bringing us three more actors for the new series, Star Trek Discovery. And this time, they’re not from the Starfleet world… Announced at, Chris Obi, Shazad Latif and Mary Chieffo have been named as the Klingon portion of Discovery. Playing the part of T’Kumva is Chris Obi. Known in the UK f...[Read More]

Casting News: Three Discovery Crewmembers Announced!

In a surprise announcement, has confirmed the announcement of Michelle Yeoh for the next Star Trek series and announced two more cast members to join Star Trek Discovery! After a leak from a throwaway line courtesy of consulting producer Nicholas Meyer and speculation following from Deadline, CBS have confirmed that Michelle Yeoh will indeed be joining the cast. While the previous rum...[Read More]

The Best of Trek!

On the build up to our latest issue of Comms, members of SFC Quadrant 2 taking part in our Facbeook group have been voting for the Best of Trek. Using fan created polls throughout the years and suggestions form members, the best and highest rated episodes of all five Trek series have been picked out and put into battle in a knockout tournament. Over the past week members have been asked to choose ...[Read More]

To Boldly Yeoh? Michelle Yeoh Possibly Boarding Discovery! [Updated 25/11]

UPDATE 25/11: After the initial leak, CBS made a statement that information speculated by ComingSoon was innacurate. While they offer no further comment, reported that their sources within Discovery’s team have claimed that Yeoh will portray Captain Han Bo of the USS Shenzhou. SFC Members can look out for more info in our upcoming edition of Comms. With filming starting very soo...[Read More]

Discovery News: Changes in the Writers Room as Fuller Steps Down as Showrunner

Earlier this year Bryan Fuller promised us news for Star Trek Discovery, but this was not the news we expected! Broken by Variety last night, we’ve learned that Fuller is stepping back from his role as showrunner in a decision made last week. After last months announcement that Discovery’s launch would be delayed until May, it looks like Fuller’s production schedule with other sh...[Read More]

Remembering Gene Roddenberry

“The human race is a remarkable creature, one with great potential, and I hope that ‘Star Trek’ has helped to show us what we can be if we believe in ourselves and our abilities.” Twenty five years ago today the creator of Star Trek passed away while serving as executive producer on Star Trek: The Next Generation, leaving behind a legacy that would continue long after his p...[Read More]

Agents of Yesterday

As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations, Star Trek Online released their latest expansion, Agents of Yesterday; the tale of a 23rd century officer making their way to captain as they get caught up in a time travel adventure as part of the temporal cold war. I’ll admit, I wasn’t thrilled by the concept at first, especially knowing that Enterprise’s Agent Daniels would return ...[Read More]

Discovering Discovery

Ever since CBS announced that Star Trek would return to TV, fans all over the world have been waiting impatiently to find out more. After a long wait and only news from the writers room hirings, executive producer Bryan Fuller has finally began lifting the curtain after a big reveal at SDCC followed by more at the Television Critics Association Summer Tour. Between his appearance at a special anni...[Read More]

Beyond DVD & Blu Ray Special Features

After making it’s debut in cinema’s earlier this year, Star Trek Beyond is coming to Blu Ray and DVD from November 1st, with a Digital Download available from October. With several variations already available on pre-order, including’s set which includes a model of the USS Kelvin and the Walmart special edition with three model ships, Paramount has released the speci...[Read More]

Discovery Launch Pushed Back to May 2017

Since the initial announcement ten months ago, we’ve been impatiently waiting for Star Trek Discovery to come home to TV but it looks like we’ll have a few more months of waiting before we see more strange new worlds. With production scheduled to begin in September for a January release, executive producers Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman announced that they’d requested more time ...[Read More]

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