SFC Q2 Comms Update: New Year 2018

SFC Q2 Comms Update: New Year 2018

Analysing the first chapter of Star Trek Discovery, Comms continues it’s season recap with a peek at the Next Chapter streaming now on Netflix. Plus an extensive new years fleet update and departmental report; Designing the Enterprise D; Spotlight on Captain Sisko and much more!

New Year 2018 Edition Includes:

– On Screen featuring The Punisher, Quentin Tarantino, Altered Carbon & More
– Designing the Enterprise D
– Retro Reviews: Star Trek Nemesis & Battlestar Galactica
– The Other Guys!
– Departmental Reports & Full Fleet Status
– Comic Book Spotlight & The Latest Trek books
– Fan Film Spotlight including Seth MacFarlane
– Mirror, Mirror!

Plus much more!

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