Discovery Team Shows Off the New Props!

Discovery Team Shows Off the New Props!

This week the cast and crew of Discovery are headed to San Diego Comic Con, hosting a panel with sneak peeks on the new show! On the run up to the media event, Discovery has been showing off some of it’s new toys in quick peeks at Starfleet’s new props.

The Pin

A closer look at the new split delta design showing a close view of the differing textures and layers.


Showing a fresh new take of the TOS era phaser with hints of the original Cage pilot design thrown in. Also worth noting the rifle version’s ‘hood’ similar to the Enterprisee prequel style and barrel’s along the side similar to the original rifle from the 1966 episode Where No Man Has Gone Before.


A fast, but detailed view of the

….and a bit of everything!

Starfleet’s new officers are ready to make their first public appearance together in just a matter of days as Star Trek Discovery heads to the infamous media event, Dan Diego COmic Con!

The event hinted at by Discovery’s Chris Obi several montha back will take place this Saturday, July 22nd in Ballroom 20 at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

SFC Q2 might be in the UK far from the action, but we have our ambassadors out there in the wold world of San Diego’s massive event and will be reporting what we know when we know it on our members-only social media groups including as many prop shots and information as we can find!

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