A New Discovery: CBS Up Front 2017 Preview

A New Discovery: CBS Up Front 2017 Preview


After a long wait, and a quick tease earlier today, we got our first real look at the latest chapter of Star Trek at todays CBS Up Front presentations.

The latest insight into Discovery follows the original teaser released at last years Up Fronts, as well as the first production video earlier this year. But this time we have a solid – and stunning – look at what Discovery will be and our first real look behind the highly secretive production taking place in Toronto.

While it may not be the Star Trek we’re familiar with, it’s not a terrible thing or anything new or surprising as Trek boldly goes into a new era of television. Over the years, or decades, Star Trek has reinvented itself many times from the 1979 Motion Picture and 1987 Next Generation right up to the Enterprise prequel and Kelvin Timeline movies produced by Paramount and Bad Robot. With the changing tastes of television viewers, the latest insight into Star Trek Discovery shows it’s evolving to match the new era of big budget television.

At a recent interview with CNET’s The 3:59, CBS Interactive CEO Jim Lanzone commented on what to expect for Discovery. “It is certainly going to be very original and, in a good way, different than what has been put out there before. But that has always been the history of Star Trek. It has always broken new ground culturally, philosophically.” Lanzone continues to praise the production staff, adding “Knowing who is making this show and the people who know who the creators are, they know all that and that is absolutely a big part of the show. ”

Star Trek Discovery is the first televised element of the franchise since Star Trek Enterprise was cancelled in 2005. While the long gap was filled with the Kelvin Timeline movies, starring Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto as an alternate universe Kirk and Spock, it’s always been felt that Star Trek has always belonged on the small screen.


“I think it’s out in the public domain that it is Star Trek, but not as we know it.” Jason Isaacs commented in a recent interview with GoldDrerby, “They’ve changed a bunch of stuff in it. It’s a new and yet familiar experience.”

The Up Fronts gave away plenty of new information, including the image of Lt Saru (above) as well as news that Discovery has been extended to 15 episodes for it’s first season! In addition Discovery will also be recieving a companion show following in the footsteps of Breaking Bad, Walking Dead and more with Talking Trek!

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Star Trek Discovery stars Sonequa Martin Green (The Walking Dead) as Lt Commander Michael Burnham, also starring Michelle Yeoh, Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Jason Isaacs, Chris Obi, and many more. Discovery is set to launch on CBS All Access in the US and on Netflix in the UK & Europe later this year.

The the next issue of our SFC Q2 Commd quarterly we’ll be recapping everything we’ve learned about Discovery as well as looking at the struggles Star Trek overcame to return to TV. The latest issue of Comms drops next month while our Spring issue, which breaks down recent casting announcements including Jason Isaacs and looks at the cast so far.

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